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6 Mistakes In Manicure To Avoid | PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL 33408

6 Mistakes In Manicure To Avoid

In the process of learning how to apply gel polish, fashionistas most often make typical mistakes that are best avoided. You don’t need to be a professional manicurist to paint your nails, but you do need to watch out for some common nail polish blunders. These are the 6 most common manicure mistakes to never make again!

1. Applying thick coats of paint:
Applying thick layers of gel polish can cause it not to cure completely, which leads to peeling. Make sure your layers are thin, and apply two coats for opacity, curing in between. The three-stroke method is helpful: one stroke down the center of the nail, then two on either side.

2. Failing to shake your polish.
You may not be used to shaking nail polish, but with gel, it is a must. If you fail to shake it, you will find it is hard to apply it evenly. Note that neither the base nor top coat need shaking before use. You only need to do it with the colors.

3. Not Pinching the C-curve
If the nail enhancement you create is too flat and lacks a C-curve, it can look awkward. To create a nice C-shape, pinch the sidewalls of the nail with your fingers or special tweezers when the product has almost hardened. Don’t pinch too hard, or you risk damage to the enhancement.

4. Not washing your tools.
Washing tools—including clippers, files, buffers, and orange sticks—regularly with soap and water is a must to prevent contamination.

5. Not Capping the Free Edge
Gel shrinks during the curing process. If the free edge is not capped, the gel can recede back over the top of the nail. Make sure to run your brush along the tip and free sides of the nail to seal it.

6. Do not remove your hands from the lamp without waiting for the signal. This error most often occurs when applying gel polish. Beautiful ladies, thinking that her manicure is already ready, do not dry the gel polish and then there will be no manicure!

Fleur Nail Spa, LLC salon in PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL 33408, United States 

Fleur Nail Spa, LLC salon in PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL 33408, United States

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